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ci_fans_unite's Journal

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Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Criminal Intent Fans United

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Welcome to ci_fans_unite! This community was the brainchild of tooraf and untapdtreasure. It was initially created to create a friendly fic prompting and other challenges atmosphere for the Law & Order: Criminal Intent fandom. It has evolved into episode discussions, fic sharing, graphic sharing, drabble prompts, fic-a-thons, and other things. If you have any suggestions/concerns , please go HERE.

MODERATORS: tooraf & untapdtreasure

Member Rules of Etiquette:
(x) No spam is allowed here. Example: No posts expressing their undying love to Robert Goren or another character. It will be deleted without warning.
(x) When expressing your opinions keep it related to the show and the actors/characters as they relate to the show.
(x) No bashing of other members or their opinions.
(x) Drama for sake of drama will not be tolerated. You will be issued a warning if it happens once, but if it happens again, you will be banned.
(x) All characters and pairings are tolerated here, but you are all entitled to your opinions on these characters and pairings. I just ask that if you do not agree with one member, that you do not go and attack or call them out on their own opinions. We're all going to feel differently about things as the show progresses and that's good for growth in this community. So if you differ, please comment in a polite way with your opinons.
(x) please ask HERE before promoting a community or website.

Rules for posting Story/Fanfiction:
(x) If the story/fanfiction is so for a certain challenge, please state so in your author's notes somewhere on the post. It'll help us mod's catologue it.
(x) Please use the following format to post your stories:

Spoilers: (optional)
A/N: (optional)

****we ask that your prompt be clearly stated somewhere in the introduction of your post

(x) We'd like for your stories to be beta'd, but we also understand that finding one can be hard. So if you ever need help, let one of the mods know. This, however, is not really a rule we will enforce unless your story/fanfiction is so gramatically and spelling riddled that its unreadable.
(x) If you are participating in a certain challenge, please follow the rules set by whoever modded that challenge.
(x) If you link to your personal journal or community, please make sure the link is not friend locked as it will be deleted after a warning.
(x) If you are not the author, then do not post the story/fanfiction. Plagirism is immeidiate grounds for banning.
(x) All story/fanfiction posted must relate to Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Cross-over stories are okay, but please do not post story/fanfiction dedicated to another show or fandom here. It will be removed by a mod.
(x) If you have updated more than one chapter of a Work In Progress story/fanfiction in one day, please make only one post to this community with the links to the various chapters. This makes it easier for those that are tracking the community to not get so many email notifications.

Rules for posting graphics:
(x) no more than three to four icons are to be allowed outside the cut
(x) if you are posting larger graphics, then please only use one THUMBNAILED image to preview your work
(x) if you need help, go HERE for examples and more details. I will be happy to help in any way that I can.
(x) if you did not make it, do not repost it without permission from the maker, or really, just don't do it. as a maker myself, i wouldn't want it done to me. So yeah, just don't. (added July 19, 2010)

Rules for posting Music Videos:
(x) all work must be your own. if you didn't make it, do not post it.
(x) you may link to your video in youtube (or a website specifically for streaming videos)
****I have created a ning community specifically for law & order: criminal intent related vidoes. It can be found HERE. I created this place because I know how youtube can get.
(x) you may upload your video to a downloading site, but please make sure that site doesn't expire the links after so many days. I recommend MediaFire
(x) please use this format when posting videos:

A/N: (optional)

****all posts found to have dead download links will be asked to fix it. They will be removed if not fixed.

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