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AU Fic: Taken by the Border Rebel (Teens)

Title: Taken by the Border Rebel
Author: silver_galaxy
Rating/Warnings: Teens, character deaths, historical AU
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Black Robert Goren takes the daughter of his enemy hostage after a chance encounter and the futures of these families are changed forever.
A/N: Written for the M&B/Harlequin challenge at unconventionalcourtship on Dreamwidth. The story is based on the following blurb from a Harlequin novel also called 'Taken by the Border Rebel'.

TORMENTED BY HER INNOCENCE As leader of his clan, Black Robert Goren has earned every dark syllable of his name. But, having taken hostage his enemy's daughter in a fierce act of rebellion, he is tormented by feelings of guilt and torn apart with the growing need to protect her - and seduce her! Alexandra Eames feels Robert's disdain from the first. Then slowly she starts to see behind his eyes to a man in turmoil. Something he has no words for, something that can only be captured in a heart-wrenching kiss... The Goren Clan The family who will kneel to no one...

Whilst the first sentence of this fic is true, the rest is not.

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